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Cause 2018 – sports camp for children with spina bifida and hydrocephalus

Begach and iRun collect money along with the parent’s organisation for a sports camp for the children in 2019

Spina bifida and hydrocephalus – Bulgaria is a parents’ organisation that connects families of children in the whole country. We’ve founded it in 2011 and since then we work to live better. We’re organising meetings for support and skills share between the families, sport and art events for the children. We do consulting for new families that expect such children and we created a web portal with information; we do compaigns for improving the services in education. We’re members of the international spina bifida organisation.

Since 5 years we’re organising sports and rehabilitation camp for children from 2 till 13 year old.

In the camps we include activities that increase the skills and parents, create positive outlook to sport and new experiences. One of the effects is that the camps create networks for support between children and parents.

We do the camps in places with options for horse-back riding, swimming and outdoor games.

Participation in sports camps is a great challenge for the children. The uspport not nonly their physical activity, but their skills for self-support and self-esteem.

Photos are from camps and projects that we’ve done.

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0887 297 122 – Slaveya Kostadinova – chairman of the parent’s union

0898 756 838 – Antoaneta Ivanova, board member



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